Monday, 18 January 2010

Rootless Tree

Chased away by the day
For reasons unexplainable
Time flew by, as you threw your watch to the sky
Every minute slipped, And time was to swift as it left, I never catched it
I ignored the fact that it was going somewhere
And i was wasting time waiting for it
I wish i could slow down time, so My mind could imagine places, and I'd go
No notice, just hope that imaginary places let you fade into other generations
Therefore time wouldn't need to be paused, it would simply rewind

To rewind would mean,
that watch never thrown
now watch as we'd each grow
the places we could go
you could paddle, in my ducky-yellow pond,
push past the grocery line to the edge of reasons
grapple with annihilation
as she started the Staring Contest
I'm slipping from my apple-branch-perch.

She fell.
Into more than someones arms, but into someones life
Like a baby newly born
Inspired by the relationship gained within a period of time
She usually wouldn’t have the same interest on her mind
But she did.
Chopped up perspectives, like a new form of cutting
Utensils unnecessary, but a heart willing to brake open
Felt right, vulnerable, she placed it on the table in front of her
He fell in.

Past self consciousness
past subconsciousness
into flesh lands un-chartered
shivering through shafts of light,
discarded thoughts lay strewn
prostrate and unabashed
concealing beneath them nothing but their imperfect reflections
We are the salvaged halves,
the leftover fornication's of righteous undoing
we who created you,
shall take it away,
throw it to the yipping lambs and marvel in each others halo-shadows
we, who play with the muddied shoe strings of the slain prince.


The normal is me, the bold is by D. He is a love. We were just bantering back and forth and this was produced.

Written 25/12/09.

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