Sunday, 11 April 2010

this space is themed

waist adorned with apron strings
she -nonetheless- saunters

this space is themed
Tuscany: chipped paint,
peeking-tom wood grain
retina jab of colour

digital standstill
two hour laundry, pre instantgratificationism

this space is themed
Scandinavian: bear hug elegance,
toe curling comfort
legfire delicacy

this space is themed

marrow churning, subconscious alliance

this space is themed
Ocean: acidification
deepsleep rhythms
goose flight equipment
womb light
under the bed there dwells

plainveiw secretwhispers: unfulfilled eroticism

this space is themed:
my 3:00 p.m. Scotch neat
my bottle of Valium

face adorned with laughter
she -nonetheless- falters

this space is open to suggestions

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