Thursday, 10 December 2009

Discovering the Strikethrough

   I have agreed to memorize, three long Jose Rivera monologues in a ridiculously short amount of time. Ms. R. and my fellow students are expecting great things, and my family is tired of hearing me practicing so I've been banished from the general living space. I'm currently huddled in my bed wearing practically every sweater I own because our heating isn't working and it's a ridiculous -20something Celsius.

   At the library the other day I picked up a book of poems quite randomly, I was to bring a poem for class and I'd forgot to bring along my much read Rumi. I believe the book is called City in All Directions: an Anthology of Modern Poems, only it was published in 1967 so modern is slightly relative. Anyways, I'm really enjoying it. Another random-find book I'm enjoying is MicroFiction. It's a compilation of some of the stories that were sent into the Very Short Story contest, max words is 250. I can't remember who put it together, for I haven't actually bought it, just stashed it behind a book on Sea Kayaking and hoped no one would find it and buy it before I got the money together to purchase it. A measly $9.95 might I add, ah the woes of an impoverished, over-achiever procrastinator!
    To explain the picture above you only have to look at my stocking collection and my wish list and put two and two together. I love the little girl meets deep colors and beautifully crafted pieces look that this picture embodies.
New Thing of the day:
A hair cut! (Thanks to my connections at the gay-staffed, snazzily furnished hair salon. I love going there, they're all such a riot)
Song of the day:
Stellify by Ian Brown
Food of the day:
Left-over peach, plum and apple crisp
Feeling of the day:
Thoroughly chilled

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